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19 Oct 2018


Status Reports

IGACO-O3 Status Report June 2009 (PDF 105 kb)

Reference documents

IGACO Theme Report (WMO 2004) (PDF 4484 kb)

Implementation plan

Final version fo the IGACO-O3/UV Implementation Plan is now available.

IGACO-O3/UV Implementation Plan (PDF 2370 kb)

Meeting documents

The summary of the IGACO-O3 Consultation Meeting, held in Anavyssos, Greece on 15-17 May 2006 can be downloaded below. The second document includes a collection of task descriptions for IGACO-O3.

IGACO-O3 Greece-06 Meeting Summary (PDF 324 kb)

IGACO-O3 Greece-06 Task summaries (PDF 124 kb)

Summary of IGACO-O3/UV Data Workshop hosted by EMPA in Duebendorf, Switzerland, on 12-14 March 2007. As above, the first document is the core meeting summary and the second one summarises actions agreed at the meeting.

IGACO-O3/UV Data Workshop March 2007 summary (PDF 47 kb)

IGACO-O3/UV Data Workshop March 2007 Working Group summary (PDF 36 kb)

You can also download a group photo of the participants (courtesy of J.Klausen, EMPA):

Group photo from Duebendorf 14 March 2007 (JPG 1705 kb)

Miscellaneous files

High-resolution EPS image of the IGACO-O3/UV logo banner is available for download:

IGACO-O3/UV logo banner (EPS 26813 kb)

The most recent IGACO poster:

IGACO-O3/UV poster (PDF 5516 kb)