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IGACO-O3/UV status

IGACO-O3/UV Implementation started in October 2005 with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between WMO and FMI for hosting the IGACO-O3 Secretariat. The MoU covers the initial development of the IGACO-O3/UV Implementation Plan and monitoring and coordinating implementation during the first years.

In February 2006 the International Science Advisory Panel (ISAP) held its first meeting at FMI in Helsinki, Finland. The scope of IGACO-O3/UV was discussed, especially with respect to the recommendations of the IGACO Report. In addition to the general discussion, it was also concluded that from User's point of view, improvements over the existing system can actually be achieved with relatively small amount of work.

The scope and implementation of IGACO-O3/UV was further discussed in a Consultation Meeting hosted by Greece in May 2006. Invitees to this meeting included (among others) members of the International Ozone Commission and the GAW Science Advisory Groups for Ozone and UV. In addition to general discussions, 12 specific tasks were identified for implementation, either starting immediately (near-term), or at a later time. The summary of the meeting as well as the task descriptions can be found in the documents page.

On 12-14 March 2007, hosted by EMPA in Duebendorf, Switzerland, we organised a topical meeting on Data issues with 23 participants. Presentations and discussions were around:

  • improving access to data,
  • simplifying submission, and
  • harmonising data quality and metadata.
The summary of this meeting is available on the documents page.

As further meeting are confirmed, these will be announced on the schedule pages.

May 2009: IGACO-O3/UV Implementation plan is available on the documents page.

In May 11-13 WMO is hosting Ozone theme meeting with topic 'Ozone cross sections'. The preliminary agenda is available here.

New activity in 2009: Ozone cross sections
WMO Expert Team on Absorption Cross sections for ozone (ACSO) has been established in 2009. The aim of the work is to evaluate the cross sections for use in atmospheric ozone measurements and analysis, particularly concerning the Huggins bands. The work will take place through relevant studies and active participation in the workshops organized by the WMO. Visit ACSO pages for further information.

New activity in 2011: SI2N
The first workshop to discuss how to improve our knowledge and understanding of the past changes in the vertical distribution of ozone was arranged at WMO in January 2011. Second workshop was in April 2012 and third workshop in September 2013.