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Implementation and Timescale

The first task of IGACO-O3 is to develop an Implementation Plan. The plan will be based on the recommendations in the IGACO Theme Report and describe practical implementation steps with timescales and responsibilities. The preparation of the plan will be coordinated by the WMO and IGACO-O3 Secretariats in consultation with O3 and UV SAGs of GAW and the International Science Advisory Panel, representing the research community. The target date for releasing the plan is end of 2006.

The tasks in the Implementation Plan will be based on the recommendations of the IGACO Theme Report. Near-term (first five years, 2006-2010) will be defined, whereas tasks beyond 2010 will be refined during implementation of first phase tasks. Long-term tasks will also be included as tasks in the GAW Strategic Implementation Plan.

Scientists are also encouraged to propose new activities. Such proposals should be sent to the IGACO-O3/UV office at FMI. A committee including the IGACO-O3/UV office, the representative of WMO and the chairs of SAG-Ozone and SAG-UV are in charge of approving new projects as IGACO activities.