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IGACO links to several international programmes. The most important ones are the parent programme IGOS (Integrated Global Observing Strategy), and the GAW (Global Atmospheric Watch) programme of WMO.

IGOS is a partnership, specifically (Excerpt from the IGOS WWW pages):

  • a framework for decisions and resource allocation by individual funding agencies,
  • providing governments with improved understanding of the need for global observations through the
  • presentation of an overarching view of current system capabilities and limitations - thereby helping to reduce unnecessary duplication of observations."
GAW and IGACO can be taken as serving the Atmospheric Chemistry element of IGOS.

In preparing the IGACO Theme Report, the work was co-chaired by WMO and ESA. Those organisations also hold co-chairs for the IGACO Implementation Team.

For IGACO structure see the Introduction. More links to related organisations and programmes can be found in the subpages.